【Global Welfare Research系列演講】墨西哥的福利系統介紹於2024年06月06日 (四)22:00-23:00在線上進行

  • 2024-06-06
  • 系辦助理
Impact on Poverty and Inequality: Results from the 2020-2022 Tax-Benefit Mexican System
• Time: 22:00-23:00, Thursday, June 6th, 2024
時間:2024年06月06日 (四)22:00-23:00
• Location: Online
地點:活動線上進行 (請見海報QR Code)
• Speaker: Dr. Luis Huesca Reynoso, Professor, Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo, Sonora-Mexico
Dr. Linda Llamas, Professor, Universidad Estatal de Sonora, Sonora-Mexico
• Host: Julia Shu-Huah WANG, Associate Professor, NTUSW
Luis Huesca Reynoso 
PhD in Economics from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences and Level 2 in the national system of researchers. Full-professor in Department of Economics in the Research Center for Food and Development (CIAD). Works on public and labor economics. Earned first place in National Prize for Labor research 2006 by the IDB and the Ministry of Labor. Contributed to MEXMOD tax-benefit microsimulation for Mexico.
Linda Llamas
PhD in Regional Development from the Research Center for Food and Development (CIAD). Member of the national system of researchers. Her doctoral thesis earned second place in the National Award for Social Research and Public Opinion 2018 by the Center for Social Studies and Public Opinion of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies in Mexico. Has academic publications on public economics and research projects on public policy advocacy and collaboration on the microsimulator for fiscal policies in Mexico (MEXMOD).
It presents first, a description of the social security system in Mexico and second, its social policy by measuring the impacts on poverty and inequality. The benefits and their fiscal cost are described as well as the coverage of beneficiaries using MEXMOD with an estimate of the resources that the programs should be assigned, based on the eligibility criteria to achieve universality. Poverty & Inequality before and after taxes and benefits are computed. Conclusions relate to revenue needed to meet the coverage according to the eligibility.
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