Jen-Huoy Tsay
Job Title Associate Professor
Name Jen-Huoy Tsay
Office Tel No. 02-3366-1249
Research Expertise Social Policy Analysis, Health Policy
Teaching Field Social Policy Analysis, Health Policy
Education Ph. D., Columbia University
Jen-Huoy Tsay is a professor in the Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University; she obtained her doctoral degree from Columbia University.
Her research interests include the equity issues in health care utilization and the financing of health care. Her research projects in recent years include the (1) Medical Subsidy Program for the Near Poor Children (2) The integration of subsidy programs of the School Trust Land Fund in Taiwan.
Her most recent publication is (1)The Effect of Taiwan’s NHI Premium Subsidy for the Near Poor Children on Health Care Utilization, (2) The factors associated with the enrollment of the Children’s Medical Subsidy program in Taipei.
She teaches courses on Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Welfare Policy Analysis, and Seminar on Equity and Health Care.

Year Paper Title
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Year Paper Title
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