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Remarks from the Department Head

In this society of constant change, we are the Department of Social Work, guiding and effecting transformation.

The National Taiwan University's Social Work Department has strived relentlessly in local practices over the years, assuming pivotal roles in shaping Taiwan's societal development in each phase. Casting our vision globally, the faculty and students of our department actively participate in international social work academic research and practical exchanges, fostering collaborations with distinguished scholars and professionals worldwide, assimilating cutting-edge knowledge into our endeavors.

We delve deeply to recognize those overlooked emerging demands, going beyond the surface of problems, and putting significant effort into understanding the fundamental reasons behind them. We focus on comprehending and acknowledging human needs, unwaveringly safeguarding human dignity, fearlessly challenging existing inequalities, and striving for social justice. This embodies the responsibility and conviction of the Social Work Department at National Taiwan University.

We firmly believe that achieving diversity and equal rights is the key to social progress. Only by ensuring equal respect and opportunities for everyone, and affirming the value of each individual, can all members of society share in the inclusive and prosperous development.

Social work is a continuously evolving field, and through professional training, it equips us to be catalysts for personal growth and positive societal change. By bridging research and practice, we translate knowledge into action, propelling the innovative development of social work profession, and consistently broadening the impact of social work expertise.

The Department of Social Work at National Taiwan University is firmly anchored in Taiwan while aligning with the international community, nurturing exceptional social work professionals for the betterment of our society. We warmly welcome and sincerely appreciate your participation and support as we learn, explore, innovate, and grow together, united in our mission to lead our society towards a more civilized, just, and harmonious path.

Shiau-Fang Chao