Yi-Yi Chen
Job Title Assistant Professor
Name Yi-Yi Chen
Office Tel No. 02-3366-9565
Email yiyichen@ntu.edu.tw
Research Expertise Community Practice, Workforce Development, Implementation Science
Teaching Field Community Practice, Workforce Development, Implementation Science
Education Ph. D., University at Albany, SUNY
Chen Yi-Yi joined the Department of Social Work in 2014. Her research is centered on community organizations particularly regarding partnership and performance issues. Also interested is collaboration with human service practitioners and organizations regarding the development and evaluation of workforce and programs. She teaches Community Organization and Development, Social Work Theory, and other courses.
Chen completed her Ph.D. training at University at Albany. During the years studying in the United State, she was involved in research-supported practice development in New York State. As a project manager and research specialist, she participated in the evaluation of barriers to food stamps, analysis of factors affecting workforce retention in child welfare services, and development of a New York state-wide supervision model of public child welfare. Also, she volunteered in a partnership between three Schools of the University and two child welfare agencies providing residential treatment to adolescents.
Her career goal is to apply research methods as tools supporting social workers and social services agencies to articulate, implement, and evaluate their work. She has been bridging science and service through education and research. The titles of her recent publication are “Partnership and Performance of Community-Based Organizations: A Social Network Study of Taiwan” and “Existence, Relatedness, or Growth? Examining Turnover Intention of Public Child Welfare Caseworkers from a Human Needs Approach”.

Year Paper Title
2018 陳怡伃, 劉冬, 陳宜珍, 何其多, 社區型組織推動家庭暴力防治的實務模式及美國案例, 台灣社區工作與社區研究學刊, 1, pp123-156
2017 Yi-Yi Chen, Yuen-Wen Ku, Community Practice at Crossroad: The Approaches and Challenges in Taiwan, Community Development Journal, 1, pp76-91
2016 陳怡伃,滿春梅,陳宜珍, 社區型組織推動家庭暴力防治的現況與挑戰, 社區發展季刊, pp183-194
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Year Paper Title
2018 陳怡伃, 游政韋, 樟文里巷道改造行動:以社區為基礎的增權共作, 發展性社會工作的札根與社區實踐學術研討會, Taiwan
2018 Yi-Yi Chen, From Serving A Community to One’s Own Career: Motivation, Trajectory, And Factors of Youths’ Community Participation at Pinling, The Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development (SWSD), Ireland
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2017 陳怡伃, 以社區為基礎的充權和參與:萬華的二個方案, 發展性社會工作推動歷程與成果的檢視與展望學術研討會, Taiwan
2016 陳怡伃, 發展性社會工作策略在社區的實踐:萬華的兩個方案, 2016 華人社會福利政策論壇, Taiwan
2016 洪瑋羚,陳暉評,林羿萱,陳怡伃, 搞什麼飛機?大專生於自主社區服務之歷程分析, 2016 Conference on Youth Divide and Youth Inclusion: Agenda and alternatives, Hong Kong
2016 陳怡伃, 青年社區參與在坪林:服務學習與自主提案的二案例分析, 2016 Conference on Youth Divide and Youth Inclusion: Agenda and alternatives, Hong Kong
2016 Yi-Yi Chen, The challenges of promoting developmental social work: Observations from teaching community work in undergraduate classes, Symposium on research, practice and teaching related to disaster and developmental social work practice, Australia
2016 陳怡伃, 推動發展性社會工作的挑戰:從社區工作教育現場談起, 2016 發展性社會工作國際研討會: 全球應用‧發展對話, Taiwan
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2015 Yi-Yi Chen, Determinants for partnership to enhance effectiveness of community organizations: Leadership as a moderator, The 19th International Symposium of the International Consortium for Social Development, Singapore