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Welcome to designate donations.

Donation to designated funds will be used for the following purposes:
  • NTU Department of Social Work Sustainability Fund
  • Offering courses (specialized fields, diverse curriculum) and establishing lectures to enhance the development of teaching and research.
  • Establishing scholarships (undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs) to encourage students and ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Supporting faculty and students in engaging in international social service and practical work related to sustainable development.
  • Improving the department's facilities and equipment to enhance the teaching and research environment.
  • Increasing self-recruitment funds for administrative manpower to enhance service quality.
  • Other relevant projects aimed at promoting departmental development.

Contact Person: Wang Ziting, 02-33661243,

The donation process is explained below:
Donation webpage:

Step 1: Select "Other programs" under "Area to give" and fill in the explanation field with either:

FS108010 社會工作學系國外實習獎學金

Next, follow the webpage steps to choose "Type of tax deduction", "Donation Amount" etc. Follow the instructions on the webpage to complete the donation.
(You can choose to offset Taiwanese or American taxes.)