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Adjunct Staff

Hou-Sheng Chan


Theories on Social Welfare,
Social Welfare Development


Hon-Yei Annie Yu


Social Policy Analysis,Child Protection,
Community Mental Health,Issues on the Disadvantaged and Social Work Ethics

Shu-Man Pan


Domestic violence,Gender studies,
Immigration and ethnic issues

Ping-Yu Tzou

Assistant Professor

Medical Social Work


Shu-Wen Yao

Assistant Professor

Domestic Violence Prevention,
Sexual Assault Crime Prevention

Hsiang-Lan Liu

Assistant Professor

Family Policy,Care and Gender,
Generations and Course of Life History

Chun-Yi Chen

Assistant Professor

Medical Social Work ,Community Study, 
Health and Quality of Life

Kai-Ming Lee


Medical Social Work, Gerontology

Ying Chen

Specialist Professor

Clinical Social Work Practice


Chiong-Ying Liu

Specialist Professor

Social Work Practice with Early Intervention

Hsiu-Shan Yeh

Specialist Professor

Labour Social Work

Li-Ju Chen

Specialist Professor

Child Welfare

Hue-Fang Lin

Specialist Professor

Social Welfare Policy for People with Disabilities