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Specialization Program Compass
「310001 Mental Health and Forensic Social Work」
  1. Enabling students to gain early insights into the processes of mental health and forensic social work in the professional field, facilitates the development of their careers and provides a better understanding of the employment market in the respective professional domains, bringing them closer to practical applications. 
  2. Connecting with related departments in three schools or internationally to offer systematic teaching materials facilitates the linkage and exchange of talents across various professions. 
  3. Integrating interdisciplinary expertise to develop innovative courses. Enhancing the service quality of professionals in the field and reducing talent turnover. 
  4. Designing a self-protection course for social workers to address the shortcomings of current training programs. Emphasizing the cultivation of psychological resilience among social workers to reduce negative adaptations upon entering the field.

「310002 Diversity and Equity」

  1. Values such as cultural diversity, human rights, and sustainable development are international consensus, deeply embedded in the policies of many countries, research in various disciplinary fields, civic engagement, and professional competencies. This module's curriculum can serve as a foundation for specific issues, cultivating students' awareness and empowering them to translate that awareness into individual or collective actions.
  2. This module focuses on the diversity and self-awareness core competencies of our department, connecting with ethical values such as human rights and human dignity. It enhances students' understanding and competence in relevant concepts, theories, methods, and applications. The goal is to cultivate essential skills for social work and related helping professions, facilitating desired social changes in both professional and community contexts.
「310003 Intelligent Approaches to Social Welfare and Data Governance」
  1. Students possess the ability to utilize computer methods for processing large datasets, texts, and quantitative information.
  2. Students have the capability to employ computer methods to analyze obtained results, identify social issues, and demonstrate practical skills in proposing solutions to problems.
  3. Students possess the ability to independently operate projects and engage in dialogue and collaboration with social work organizations and other data analysis professionals.