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BSW program

The Department of Social Work is a department with focusing of exploring social problems, cultivating professionals in social work skills, in social welfare, in program design and program implementation, and in social policy analysis as well as social planning. The undergraduate program is expected to be completed in four years. In order to graduate, the students should obtain a total of 128 credit units. Here are the courses required:
Educational Objectives
  1. Educate professional social workers by the following means: 1) academic knowledge building. 2)problem analysis and solving ability. 3) knowledge and skills application ability in social work practice.
  2. Identify the differences between socail work direct services and welfare policy and administration, improve problems analysis and solving abilities; educate professionals in social work practice.
  3. Educate leaders and researchers, who are able to integrate cross disciplinary viewpoints and conduct research independently by the following means:1) theoretical and methodological training, 2) Build international views, and 3) providing a wider range of social science related knowledge
Core Capabilities
  1. Problem-solving oriented knowledge and skills
  2. Cross-disciplinary and team work
  3. Values and ethics
  4. Diversity and self-awareness
  5. International views

First Year
   Introduction to Social Work
   Introductory Sociology 
   General Psychology   
   Social Psychology
   Human Behavior and Social Environment
   Social Statistics

Second Year
   Social Case Work 
   Social Group Work
   Introduction to Social Welfare
   Social Work Research Methods

Third Year
   Introduction to Social Work Practice 
   Social Welfare Administration 
   Community Organization and Community Development
   Program Planning and Evaluation

Forth Year
   Social Policy and Social Legislation 
   Social Work Practicum I
   Social Work Practicum II 
   Social Work Management