Ciwang Teyra
Job Title Assistant Professor
Name Ciwang Teyra
Office Tel No. 02-3366-1250
Job Title Assistant Professor
Research Expertise Indigenous peoples and social work, Historical trauma, healing and resistance, Indigenous resilience, Global indigenous health and health policy, Community-based participatory research, Mixed-method
Year Paper Title
2021 Ciwang Teyra, 吳雅雯Yabung Haning, 黃炤愷, 謝宛蓉, 黃坤耀Lbak Uking, Manu Ka Kmlawa Rudan?初探太魯閣族老人照顧-以支亞干部落為例(已接受刊登), 中華心理衛生學刊
2021 Anna Ortega-Williams, Ramona Beltrán, Katie Schultz, Zuleka Ru-Glo Henderson, Lisa Colón & Ciwang Teyra, An integrated historical trauma and posttraumatic growth framework: A cross-cultural exploration, Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, pp1-21
2021 Ciwang Teyra、黃炤愷、謝宛蓉, 只想好好地生活:原住民同志之交織處境與因應策略, 臺大社會工作學刊, pp1-53
2021 Ciwang Teyra、黃炤愷、Lahok Ciwko, 我不夠格嗎?都市原住民青年內外交困的歧視處境 (已接受刊登), 中華心理衛生學刊
2018 王增勇、Ciwang Teyra、Umin.Itei (日宏煜), 原鄉長照的瓶頸與突破之道, 台灣社會研究季刊, pp243-254
2018 Shultz, K., Teyra, C., Brelier, G., Evans-Campbell, C. & Pearson, C., “They gave me life”: Motherhood and recovery in a tribal community, Substance Use & Misuse., 12, pp1965-1973
2018 Willey, C., Valdovinos, M., Teyra, C., & Borja, C., Addressing global social relationships in transnational social work research processes and institutions., European Journal of social work, 5, pp819-830
2016 Walls, M., Pearson C., Kading M. & Teyra, C. (2016), Psychological wellbeing in the face of adversity among American Indians: Preliminary Evidence of a New Health Paradox?, Annals of public health and research, 1, pp1034-0