Joyce-Yen Feng
Name Joyce-Yen Feng
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Year Paper Title
2020 Lee, M.J., Wu, W. C., Chang, J. C., Chen, H. J., Lin, W. S., Feng, J. Y., & Lee, T. S. H., Effectiveness of a school-based life skills program on emotional regulation and depression among elementary school students: A randomized study., Children and Youth Services Review,, pp105464-105464
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Year Paper Title
2021 馮燕, 公益專業責信的落實。, 台灣公益團體責信度與捐款人意識研討會。, Taiwan
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Year Book Title
2020 Chuang, S. S., Huang, C.- Y., Li, X., Shen, A. C.- T., Zhu, M., Ng, A., & Feng, J. Y, “Location, Location, Location”: Contextualizing Chinese Families in Four Geolocations,Conceptual and Methodological Approaches to Navigating Immigrant Ecologies, Springer
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