Tsung-Hsi Fu
Job Title Associate Professor
Name Tsung-Hsi Fu
Office Tel No. 02-3366-9564
Email tsunghsifu@ntu.edu.tw
Job Title Associate Professor
Research Expertise Social Insurance, Social Psychology
Teaching Field Social Insurance, Social Psychology
Education Ph. D., The University of York
Year Paper Title
2016 傅從喜、施世駿、林宏陽、張秋蘭, 已開發國家年金自動調整機制之發展與變革, 台大社會工作學刊
2013 傅從喜, 年金改革:長或短?緩或急?, 社區發展季刊, pp132-139
2013 Fu,Tsung-Hsi, Wan-I Lin, and Jyh-Cherng Shieh, The Impact of Post-Disaster Relocation on Community Solidarity: The Case of Post-Disaster Reconstruction after Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan., World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, pp1963-1966
2013 傅從喜, 台灣公務人員退休保障制度的發展與挑戰, 公共行政評論, pp27-51
2012 Fu, Tsung-hsi & Rhidian Hughes, Towards integrated care in Taiwan: local issues, international challenges, Journal of Integrated Care, 6, pp394-400
2012 陳琇惠、傅從喜、鄭清霞、鄭文輝, 我國國民年金保險暨監理模式的探討, 聯合勸募論壇, 1, pp105-130
2012 謝志誠、傅從喜、陳竹上、林萬億, 一條離原鄉愈來愈遠的路?:莫拉克颱風災後異地重建政策的再思考, 臺大社會工作學刊, pp41-86
2011 Hughes, R,Tsung-hsi Fu, Health care and adult social care in England: An overview and critique with lesions for Taiwan, 台灣社會福利學刊, 1, pp217-254
2010 Fu, Tsung-hsi, Older people, population ageing and social policy in Taiwan, Journal of Asian Public Policy, 3, pp307-320
2008 Tsung-hsi Fu, Do State Benefits Impact on Intergenerational Family Support? The Case of Taiwan, Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 3, pp339-354
Year Paper Title
2015 Hwang, Gyu-Jin,Tsung-hsi Fu, Pension Politics in East Asia: The Cases of Korea and Taiwan. Paper presented at 12th East Asian Social Policy Conference, Singapore: National University of Singapore, N/A
2013 傅從喜、林萬億、謝志誠、林珍珍, 重大災變後集體重建模式對社區關係之影響, 「莫拉克風災重建的課題與反思」國際研討會, Taiwan
2012 傅從喜, 台灣社會保障體系的發展與隱憂, 「兩岸三地的社會發展:經驗、挑戰與展望」研討會, Taiwan
2012 傅從喜, 我國老人經濟安全保障體系之檢視與未來展望, 「台灣因應高齡化社會來臨的政策研究」研討會, Taiwan
2012 Fu, Tsung-hsi, Have you taken up your benefits?: low income families’ experience in Taiwan. Paper presented at 2nd Bi-Annual International Symposium, IL: Department of Social Work, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, N/A
2012 Fu, Tsung-hsi, Housing assistance for victims of mass disaster: the case of Taiwan., Paper presented at 2012 SPA & EASP Joint Conference., N/A
2012 傅從喜, 我國年金制度的發展與挑戰─兼論教育人員退休保障制度的改革, 年金制度改革研討會, Taiwan
2010 傅從喜, 社會救助、發展帳戶與脫貧, 「東亞福利體制下脫貧新思維國際研討會」, N/A
2010 陳琇惠,傅從喜,鄭文輝,鄭清霞, 社會保險監理模式之探討, 第十屆台灣社會福利學會年會暨國際研討會, Taiwan
2009 傅從喜, 救助、發展帳戶與脫貧, 東亞福利體制下脫貧新思維國際研討會, Taiwan